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Mini Theatres 

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Karaoke-ing can be a simple, yet difficult setup.


Size of the room.

Speaker location .

Echo, reverb settings and time delay settings.

EQ of  music and microphones.

Every microphone has its own characteristics. Experienced KTV singers would prefer clarity, crisp-and-clear-as-daylight on their voices above anything else.

Come experience with us in our 150” Theatre/ Karaoke room .

We hope that you will experience something you never have before.

Series of Steps - Experience - Floor plan with Site discussion - Quote/ sales - Drawings and planning - Wiring installation - Acoustic Treatment (optional) - Installation of Speakers and systems - Testing commissioning and calibration - Customer feedback 

150 sqft will be good for a 4 - 8 pax space . Have your floor plan ready as we will be able to understand your proposed space/area better even down to the minute details as to where your light switches, power sockets, TV and data points are.

Sound Stage Explain
Sound Stage

Stereo 2 speakers

The TS 90 Processor enables precise tuning where echo and reverb will first fire on the left speaker, then (with a slight delay) to the right and back to the left again. With this method, we would be able to increase the room-size sound stage to leave you with a larger-than-life feel.

1st firing

3rd firing

2nd firing

Live 3 speakers

Similar to having a direct monitor speaker on stage while singing, we adopt the 3-speaker model where LCR (Left Centre Right) are placed to give you a live feel. Our TS 90 Processor is capable of branching up to 5.1 individual channel settings, leaving you pure direct vocals at an interval of 10 ms (milliseconds).

Fire first

Fire 3rd

Fire 2nd

Independent. Firing 10ms after first speaker.

Pure vocals

|  Sound Stage  |
We adopt a 2 or 3 speaker logic. Played tuning and EQ of music to achieve a staggered live experience you will enjoy. Our 2 speakers creates the first firing point on the left followed by right and left again to reproduce a thin echo sound that decays in volume when reverberating in the room . Add on a center speaker (for size 200sqft and above) will create a live sound stage effects. The center speaker will be tuned to fire first. You will instantly hear your voice mimicking a live stage performance.

Typically a room size 80-150sqft position and layout. 2 speakers are required to power up the room.

Typically a room size 250-400sqft position and layout. 4.1 speakers are required to power up the room 4 x Speakers 1 x Powered subwoofer

|  Song Selection System |

K Bubbles + : redefined to improve and enhance user experience.

K Bubbles is our flagship model . Fully designed and calibrated by us and fits in all aspects to suit the S.E.Asia market. We are the fastest song selection system provider in the market, delivering you your requested songs at the minimum amount of steps required.

-  Choice of Touch Screen -

22" Flush Wall mount

Requires False wall for mounting

21.5" Floor stand

Requires Floor drilling

Stainless Steel Base

21.5" Table stand

Tiltable Angle


4x4” Tweeters

1x10” Woofer






94dB (Max Vol)


26.6Kilograms/ set


315 x 530 x 270 (mm)

Please use LVA Speaker brackets. Avoid mounting close to walls. Leave a 3-inch distance from walls

At Thunderstone, we listen to the same beats of the drums you’d like to hear and that is why when it comes to speakers, we craft only the best to suit your audio preference. The LVA-118, delivers a full spectrum of soundscapes. With its multi angled drivers specially tuned to precise angles to reflect sound,  four tweeters delivering 2k-20k,  a 10” Woofer producing deep and warm notes and the overall 48Hz-20Khz covering  your entire spectrum, we’re sure your singing experience would be one you’ve never experienced before. 

Sensitivity 1W to 1m, f> 80 Hz 94 dB SPL 94 dB SPL (1)

Maximum continuous level to 1m, (f > 80 Hz) 105 dB SPL

Peak continuous level to 1m (f > 80 Hz) 112 dB SPL

Coverage angles 120° Conical (2)

Nominal impedance 8 Ohm

Construction and characteristics Cabinet 12 mm MDF

Passive crossovers Air-core inductors. Paper capacitors. Wound resistors Overload protection. Thermal circuit breaker with automatic reload. Finish black paint (LVA119B) Front panel Black stretched Jersey (LVA119SJ,), Connectors Dual binding posts (LVA119)

At Thunderstone, we craft speakers that also emphasize on the mid-range levels.  With a 10” Base Cone, that reaches to the lowest possible frequency of 34Hz, this speaker series comes with 2 pieces of 3” Cones, with each enhancing your vocals performance. What's more, the 2 pieces of 2.5” tweeter cones are capable of delivering super crispy sounds of up to 20Khz.

Please use LVA Speaker brackets. Avoid mounting close to walls. Leave a 3-inch distance from walls

Song Selection terminal
Touch Screen

LVA-119B (8") 

LVA-119 (10") 

LVA-119A (12")

2 x 3” Tweeters

x 2.5” Mids

1x10” Woofer




95dB (Max Vol)

30Kilograms/ set

310 x 525 x 270 (mm)

|  TSM-90Processor |

20Hz-20KHz Range

90dB (S/N Ratio)

500mV (Music input sensitivity) 15mV (Microphone input sentivity) 4V(Max Output)

80dB (S/N Ratio Microphone)

20W (Power consumption)

3.5Kg 54 x 482 x 218 (mm)

2U (Rack mount)

The LVA-90 Digital Karaoke Processor simply speaks Simplicity and Synchronicity - to your singing sessions. This sleek machine features a one-button triggers-all: power amp and other devices connected to it - one ON/OFF button tiggers the system and presets; volume on the right knob; microphone on the left; 15 singing preset modes - live to jazz, rock, ballad and heaps more; 5.1 Surround sound capable bringing a LIVE singing experience; 15 parametric-band equalizer on your microphone, 13-band on your music; three microphone inputs and XLR Output (to power amplifier) - reduces unwanted noise. Lock the system up to protect your settings from being meddled with.

|  TSM-300/303Power Amplifier |

1(Volt) input sensitivity

80dB (S/N Ratio)


20Hz-25KHz (Frequency responds)

Basic Channel frequency responds tunning 12.6 Kg 102 x 482 x 380 (mm)

2U (Rack mount) 190W + 190W

Throwing a KTV party? Want more “horse power” to blast the volume up the roof?. With the LVA-300/303 series you can! Features a built-in power protection circuit breaker, easy-accces individual channel volume control, two individual equalizer (for those last-minute tuning) and a sleek design that sits perfectly anywhere.

TSM-66Wireless Microphone

KTV Premium Wireless Microphone Digital Volume and Channel Settings ACT Fucntion to swop / replace with similar mic Infrared

Frequency Switch, Auto Scan 99 Band Frequencey UHF 740-798Mhz 40Hz-18kHz : Frequency responds 0-150mV Tone Output 481 x 50 x 252 mm

Disposable Microphone Cover

TSM-200 Reciever

Recommended for those Clean-Clear-Crispy vocal seekers.


TSM-57Wireless Microphone

KTV Premium Wireless Microphone

Digital Volume and Channel Settings

ACT Fucntion to swop / replace with similar mic Infrared Frequency Switch

Auto Scan Range ex 99 Band Frequencey

10 Groups UHF 740-798Mhz 40Hz-18kHz  Frequency responds 0-150mV

Tone Output 481 x 50 x 252

 0-150mV : Tone Output 481 x 50 x 252 mm

When vocal-meets-music, the TSM-57 Wireless Microphone delivers more depth and creates an effortless perfect blend in your singing. With a Li-ion battery encapsulated in its aluminum casing, this microphone has a 16-hour battery life. Dock it to charge... remove to sing immediately as your show must go on!



TSM-600 Reciever

Add a little Hygiene to your Singing.

.TS Disposable Microphone cover

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