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* Basic troubleshooting will be taught to handle simple issues such as loose cabling, re-calibration of screen settings and to link up different radio frequencies. Phone support will be available

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Kamoga Satelite

Feels like jewel cubes speakers.

Performs more than just speakers.




2.5" Driver x 2 


THD ( Total Harmonic Distortion) : <5% (1kHz, 1 W)

Power : 60W

7 Satelite Speakers

2x 2.5" Driver tweeter

Sensitivity 90dB

High graded Polymer ABS Plastic, Aluminium Grill

Matte Black Finish

61 x 83 x 123 mm, 0.5kg


All in 1 


Power Amp | Processor | Wireless Mic- reciever | Bluetooth

60W x 7 | 120W x 1 Woofer

3 x HDMI Input | 2.0 | HDCP 2.2 |

4K Pass-Thru (ARC)

Bluetooth 4.2

1 x USB (Calibration) | 1 x RCA Input

1 x Coxial | 1 x TOSLink
1 x Recording output

2 x 1/4" Mic Input

This mean machine features a One-Button-Turns-It-All. To Sing, Click the karaoke button on the remote, to watch click the movie button. To listen music click on the music button. 

Each button is customizable to which input source you require. Music will be automatically EQ to the required sound purpose. Microphone will be muted or enabled accordingly. The system is equiped with


15Parametric Equaliser for Music input,

15Parametric Equaliser for Microphone (Individual)  input.

15Parametric Equaliser for Left/Right/ Center Speaker

15Parametric Equaliser for Surround Left/Right Speaker

15Parametric Equaliser for Surrround Back Left/Right Speaker

5band Parametric EQ for Echo, Reverb. 

Precise Time delay for Reverb and Echo function 

6band Parametric EQ for Woofer 

Individual Gain Control for 7 Input Source

Additional Specification

Max Power: 600W

Standby Powe : 0.5W

Dimension W430 D268 H86 mm

Total Weight: 24Kg

8 Programmable DSP Preset, Microphone Echo and Volume Control with HDMI Input 

430 x 320 x 86 (mm) , 4.5kg


Dynamic Microphone

LCD Display , Battery Indicator/ Frequency Indicator

Frequancy: 740-790Mhz UHF

Dynamic Range: 100dB

THD ( Total Harmonic Distortion) : <5% (1kHz, 1 W)

Working Range: 50m ( Without obstacles)

Battery Life: 8 Hrs

Battery: 2 x 1.5AA

Frequency Learning VIA ACT



Sub Woofer

THD ( Total Harmonic Distortion) : <5% (1kHz, 1 W)

Maximum Power : 120W

1 x 10" Driver

Sensitivity : 98dB

Side Ported Woofer

Dimension: 330 x 340 x 367 mm, 12.5kg

Rear View


7 Input modes

6 Programmable Sound experience

Volume Control , Mic Volume 

Sub Woofer Volume Control

Center Speaker Volume Control

Echo Effects Volume Control

138 x 45 x 16 mm

2 x AA Battery


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