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2000sqft f&b outlet - The Gong "Sports Bar" @ Duo Residence (Bugis)

“We have multiple inputs that require telecasting – as and when required, especially smart device/laptop telecast requests by customers – both indoor (including the private room) and outdoor on the patio; we don’t want to see huge suspended speakers and we want your solutions to include multiple zonings not only to provide different music needs to customers but also a system for speeches/meetings and presentations to cater to (our) high demand of private room bookings for private functions and business meetings; we want a compact system with simplicity without the hassle of changing settings and whatnot; we want SIMPLICITY…”


The challenges: to come up with a hassle-free simple system for the management and staff to use – so simple that even new floor staff (with high turn-around rates) would be able to use them by just pressing on (either one of) the three-button functions on the remote or device itself; to allow future systems matrix expansions and contractions: relocating parts of the system to other venue deployments and more.


The Now-You-See-It-Now-You-Don’t Speakers


Matrix AV System

3 zones; 3 amplifiers, each feeding inputs via the HDMI-over-IP Module.


These modules can assign channels to the respective inputs such as Ch 01 for Mio TV and Ch 02 for Barco – on the receiving end, we will only need to input the channel to receive the requested source.

hdmi over ip.jpg




Pure Listening

The solution to integrate vocal/speech/sing, music, movies and gaming capabilities is found in the compact Kamoga AV Receiver (which comes with satellite speakers and a sub-woofer) with inbuilt DSP and programmable EQ/FX settings.

There are six programmable buttons, one of which is the Karaoke button with easy programmable   echo and reverb settings for the  microphones;


Movie: programmable frequency settings to allow increase/decrease in the mid-range frequencies to enable louder volume/vocals to the centre speaker – volume level of individual input/output mode can be pre-set to users’ preferences; another prominent function that would automatically set the  the wireless microphones to meeting/conference/stage mode is the Speech button – overriding all previous vocal FX to speech mode – without having to manually change the EQ/FX settings.  Throughout, the Kamoga System delivers pure simplicity and consistency

System Schemetic

Drinks And Co (4).jpg

Project specifications

Room size: 2000sqft

Main Systems: 

KamoGa 3.1 x 3 sets

LD Miau 5 (Outdoor)

Bose Solo 5 soundbar 

HDMI Over IP ( TX | RX) x 9

BenQ TK800 x 1

Lyft ALR Black screen 92" x 1 

16 port TP Link Switch x 1


Apple TV

Barco Clickshare CSE 100

Singtel Mio x 2


Project Cost:

Sound system: $19,000

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