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Impressive Sound
We adopt a 2 or 3-speaker logic and start tuning and equalizing the music to achieve a staggered live experience you will enjoy. The two speakers would create the first firing point on the left followed by right and left again to reproduce a thin echo sound that decays in volume when reverberating in the room . Adding on a center speaker (for size 200sqft and above) will create a live sound stage effects. The center speaker will be tuned to fire first and you will instantly hear your voice mimicking a live stage performance . 
Latest Touch Screen
App Enabled System
  1. 21.5"
  2. Infra Red Sensor
  3. Splash proof
  4. Reinforced Glass surface
  5. Tilt arm
  6. Full HD LED Display
  7. Thin fram/body
  8. Braided Sleeving Black Expandable Nylon
ONE Button Activation
Several components have been powered up by using a simple power sequencer. This equipment reduce the hassle of you having to slowly turn on individual equipments. All equipment are timed with precise ON/OFF sequence. 
It has a voltage regulator that switches off the system immediately if it detects a surge. 
It reducesthe static noise with a CORCOM EMI/RFI Electricity filter. 
Automatic Update of
Pre Tuned System
The processor is the heart of the system where it filters and mixes all audio signals from the system and  microphone to produce the right balance and effects in a live performance.
It comes with a 9-preset channel settings where different moods of effects or different levels of echoes can be saved and set as presets . In the event if you accidentally hit some unknown buttons, resetting it can be done instantly by restarting the system. All your saved settings will resume back to normal. 
Timer System
Control your bookings automatically. Key in the required time slots and let clients enjoy all the way. 
You can also edit and control with our latest iPad Apps.
Automatic Update of Song List
Enjoy an extensive library of updated song lists from across the globe with this cloud model.
Simpy adopt a "less is more" concept with your (selection of) music library to efficiently maintain a smaller hard disk with maximum usable songs for your users - higher capacity hard disk drives equals more heat to your cloud model.
Impressive sound
Latest Touch Screen
Power Sequencer
songs update
Pay Per Use Profit Sharing Model
Different Outlets will have different characters, enrollments and populations. 
We profit-share based on a special formula and monitor closely 
to achieve a win-win scenario.
Book a meeting with us and we'll do our best to have your queries answered.
Pay per use

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We provide first-line phone assistance to all our clients by providing some troubleshooting skills and "handyman" knowledge too. 
If there is a problem deemed too huge to solve, our friendly technician team will be able to pop by to assist you.
Hassle free Maintenance +65 81011688/81021688
Latest System Always
JY 2000/3000/4000
JL 1/2
K Bubbkes
Keep up  with the latest trends on your iPhones or iPads to enjoy first-hand experience on what's hot and what's not with the karaoke models available on the market today.
The latest K Bubbles Plus, a truly amazing and revolutionary system lets you enjoy seamless internet connectivity with your system. 
K Bubbles Plus
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