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How it Works

RIMS is a Condo solutions provider . Working hand in hand with Thunderstone system, we leverage on our extensive network of condominum in Singapore to roll out this new model. Providing impressive system with instant update of songs and system dignostic test for your residence. 

We operate via a pay per use scheme to improve your residence user experience. Form singing groups or different interest groups. Increase the usage of function rooms. 
Win-Win solution via RIMS!

|  Enjoy Singing With RIMS  |

RIMS uses Thunderstone KTV Systems. Connecting it to the internet enables users to experience immediate software/song updating facilities. Total control of systems online. RIMS!

Pre tuned System
Latest Touch Screen
App Enabled System
Phone and Emergency
Call support
2-year Contract
Countdown Timer
Automatic Update of
Online Video
ONE Button Activation
Pay Per Use Model
The Latest Model/s

| System is Self Timed.

(Too much of a hassle to keep track of time usage and to manually inform residents that their singing session is due?

This system is self timed. All you need to do is to enter the time booked. And when session is up, the system will automatically stop operating. 
There will be an on-screen indication prior to ending. Charges will be based on the number of hours used.

Monthly Auto Song Update

Cloud synchronization is being enabled. This ensures that songs database will be automatically updated each time the system is being used.

| Equipment Rack Total Lock Down

All equipment are .neatly locked in the rack, preventing residents from accessing the equipment. 
This will minimize failure and ensure consistent sound settings.

Scheduled System and Sound Check.

We provide system checks and sound tuning regularly to optimize your sound and singing experience.


| One Call Service Support

We will educate basic troubleshooting practice to solve simple issues,

Karaoke Competition

We hope to hold events such as inter-condo KTV competitions to hype up the usage of the system and to encourage singing to everyone.

| Invitation to Sing

Increase your singing network as this would extend your circle of friends to build a more close-knit community - add them to your social media groups while you're at it. 

| Yes, we collect the main bulk of the revenue.

(We have calculated on equipment expenses and replacement of faulty equipment. Yearly you will require upgrades and replacement of these items. 
What you have earned might not be able to cover the expenses. We hope that through farming out these premises, we are able to maintain the level 
of quality to increase the usage and ultimately achieve a WIN-WIN Situation)

​You probably need to buy sofa, table and TV.

If you only have an empty room to spare, this is the minimum you need to spend and provide. We hope to provide Sofa, but unfortunately it will be
 a huge inventory to keep for warehousing. Probably in the near future we will get there soon

| Security Deposit

Yes, we do trust our clients fully, and we sincerely hope to help and render as much services to you. But we are still a young startup. An average
system cost $7000 of setup fees excluding maintenance and updates. Therefore we hope that the security deposit serves as a deterrence to abuse, 
vandalizing of equipment and to also reduce the initial spur of moment interest

| ​Your cleaner might be angry with additional work load

Alike all function rooms, if there is frequent use by the residents, there is a need to clean and keep the place tidy

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