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250sqft Loft

In this project. Client has bought a tasteful loft apartment. High ceiling was the main challenge. With him being musically inclined, we deployed Music reference audiophile grade Yama Book Shelf speakers mounted beside the cantilever edge.

With a click of a button on the small Xgimi remote, the 120" HD Silver Tab tension screen by Lyft  automatically descends creating a futuristic scene. 

We designed a simplified equipment rack to house all the electronics equipment including a slot to house the woofer, specifically treated sides to prevent excessive vibration cause by the bass unit.


Deploying both the Yamaha WXA 050 and the WXA 030. The pipe in music links the entire house neatly and effortlessly. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-13 at

Projecting during daytime





A Giant Leap Forward

1350 ANSI Lumens / Full HD / Harman/Kardon Stereo

Auto Lens Cap / Auto Focus / Auto Keystone Correction

Motion Compensation

Wiring Plan 



Rerouted all cables

With careful planning, we planed wirings neatly by using inconspicuous silver trunking to blend in with the existing silver window frames. We had to hack a small portion off the connecting wall to the cantilever in order to provide power and signal cables for the projector screen and speakers 


We listen and understands the requirements of the client . What are his music, movies and normal TV channel preference. With this data, we designed a simple system and a simple eqipment console to neatly hold all the equipment inplace. 

With the limitation of being a loft, the projector was not able to mount from a high ceiling. It was slotted in neatly, position at a angle to allow the perfect picture to project onto the 120" Screen.

The Bass woofer is situated at the bottom with a lining of acoustic Fybre felt to prevent excessive vibration disturbing rhe equipment living on top. 

It is a neat blend of architecture with a simplistic goal to allow the client to enjoy entertainment right at the living area, blown the guest away with audiophile grade stereo sound and a unforgattable 120" movie night.

Project specifications

Room size: 250sqft

Main/Movie Systems: 2.1 Stereo

Yamaha HS 5 Left / Right speakers

Yamaha HS-8S Woofer

Yamaha WXC-50 Streaming Pre Amp

Yamaha WX-030 Streaming Speaker (MBR)

Yamaha MG 06x Mixer

Xgimi H2 Projector

Lyft 120" Surface mount Silve Tension Screen

IR repeater module for remote control at screen

Unifi AP Lite x 2 for overall wifi deployment

Synology NAS DS218

Apple TV 4k 32GB

Project Cost: $12,000

Projector Palment

Customised equipment rack

Motion sensor  entrance light

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