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In this project, we have chosen wooden groove panels as our primary acoustic wall finish.

Generally, wooden groove panels display a well spreaded characteristics. Absorbing and diffusing both at the same time. Due to the size of the room, we have deployed a 12/2 WGP model. With 12mm being the diffusing plane and the 2mm being the sound absorbing cavity. This combination will exhibit clean fine architectural lines alongside with neat balanced room . Offering your chrisp and clear vocal from the speakers and delivering deep precise punch at the base. 


We have chosen a classy approach at the ceiling absorption and diffusion panels. These panels are pre fabricated by Howeasy Acoustics. Offering the best material and workmanship, these curved diffusers scatters sound evenly to each corner of the room, absorbing the extra low frequency to avoid vibration to the ceiling. 

The panels are mounted on high density plywood, the above internal space is filled entirely with sound absorbing rockwool. This prevents ceiling vibration and insulates the level 2 from unwanted noise. 

face screen.jpg

Wooden Groove Panels


The ceiling height for this project reached 2800mm. To avoid ugly joinery, (Per piece of wooden groove panels marks ar 2400 x 128 mm) we have decided to add in LED wall panel lightings to break away the walls thus extending the wooden groove panels both ways. 

Front black wall is cladded with Acoustic Fybre. These black material further absorb noise and bleeding light from the project. Making it ideal for deployment in the ceiling and beside the projection screen.


Aluminium Profile with LED Strip


Zero Frame from Lyft screens.

This makes everything looks sleek.

We decided to deploy Acoustic HD Silver material in this project as the overall ambient lighting is constantly at lowly lited conditions. 

​To ensure it has the minimum lux per square feet, we carefully calculated the requirement for a 120" Silver screen with a gain of 0.8. In this project, we will require a minimum of 1000lm to enable clarity. We have chosen Sony VW320 as our projector. It delivers brilliant natural light 4k images.

With a screen gain of 0.8, it reduces the stress and strain on the eyes when watching movie marathons. Thus allowing the client to watch, sing and game at the same room. 

Additional settings on different brightness level enable different concentration level. We have specifically set gaming and normal television to be higher whilst movie will be dimmer. 

front speakers.jpg
IMG_1444 WO.jpg

Hidden Speakers

We have embedded all speakers. Left, right, center, and front sub woofers all in the fake wall. Speakers are buried deep into pockets surrounded by rockwool. This creates the baffle wall effect. Purging all the sound in a single front direction.

Baffle Wall effect

Artist impression

Platform Cosy Corner

Storage of Bluray player and Sony PS4 console.

Storage of TSM600 microphone charger

Placement of Mika touchscreen system.

Integration of Mi cove lights at storage unit and steps

Veneer edge finishing, carpeted top.


Project specifications

Room size: 160sqft

Main/Movie Systems: 7.2.2 Atmos

Demark Audio Left Speaker 8" 

Demark Audio Right Speaker 8" 

Demark Audio Center Speaker 6.5"

Demark Audio Surround Left Speaker 6.5"  

Demark Audio Surround Right Speaker 6.5"

Cabasses iO2 Speakers Back Left/ Right/Atmos

Earthquake Front and rear Woofer , Couch Potato

Pioneer SC-LX901 Movie Processor

LVA 500 Multi Channel Power Amplifier

Cambridge Audio, CX UHD Bluray

Vidon Movie Server

Sony VW350 Projector

120" HD 3D Audio Transparent Lyft Zero Screen

Karaoke Systems:

Thunderstone K Bubbles CS Server

Mika 21.5" CTS Touch Screen

LVA90 Karaoke Processor

TSM 600 Microphone

TSM 80 Swing Mic

Sennheiser Wireless Mic set

Schutz Kraft Power sequencer x 3

16U Wall hung Rack unit

8 Port 10/100/1000 Switch

Acoustics / Furnishing:

Sound Box Wooden Groove Panels 

Aluminium power coated wall Strip lights

EQ Series Acoustic absorber

Wave 600 diffuser Panels

Fybre Felt Series - Front/rear wall sound absorbing

Carpentry frame 

Drop ceiling

Philips Hue Light Strip

Philips Hue  Bridge

Trimless LED Spot lights

Project Cost:

Sound system: $59,000

Furnishing / Acoustics: $68,000

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