We have successfully redesigned the Lyft's scissors arm by fabricating it into a SLEEK single arm.

Redesigned using 2 x scissors lift with gear properties to stabilize the extended structure



This design does not restrict the size of the projector. 

Actual Ceiling

False Ceiling

Actual Ceiling

False Ceiling


Single roll mixed aluminium alloy. Improves hoisting rigidity to maximise laden weight.

Dual band harness made of strong nylon. This simple design shares the load of the system. It further divides it by half by adopting the pulley mechanism.

Our hoisting motor adopts a special patented cache that prevents sudden slip or displaced gears.

This further enhances the safety of the Lyft.

Interlock Gears

Interlocking Gears greatly improve the rigidity of the lift. Preventing unwanted vibrations and swaying. 

Patent Pending

Conventional scissors lift. Swaying will be obvious especially on high mounting.


Heavy Duty




We have various plugins for controls.

Package: Wall module/Remore Controller

Optional: RS-232/RS-485 Module/IP Module

Option to fix with encasement


494 x 490 mm base

We cater this model to be able to fit any height of projectors . Built within the adjustable frame.

Remove base mounting

You will be able to hoist any size and dimension 




500mm  Vertical lift





LY-5          500mm Lift      453 x 528 x 129

LY-10        1000mm Lift    453 x 528 x 210

LY-15        1500mm Lift    453 x 528 x 260

LY-21        2100mm Lift    453 x 528 x 410

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* Basic troubleshooting will be taught to handle simple issues such as loose cabling, re-calibration of screen settings and to link up different radio frequencies. Phone support will be available

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