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Commercial solution

Torrent Share

Commercial Outlet

Torrent Share

Old School Model. One or two servers as backup. Multiple client terminal draws data over the intranet to grab video files and present at the same time . 

Most Servers are Linux or Windows based. When is System down, all clients' units would be  paralysed.

Dissemination of new updates and files are slow and tedious and would require human "the human touch" to painstakingly visit individual location to update the server/s. 

Initial Setup

In a nutshell:

Two numbers of main Client's system contains all required songs while the rest of client house no content. When client selects song from the Empty Client's batch, media will be immediately transfer over and stored permanently in the system for future use. The transfer rate is capped at 10MB/s approx 5-10 seconds per song. 

After 1 year in operation, all clients should have similar amount of media reaching to benchmark usage (of frequent songs selected, or even once) and with these methods would the HDD capacity be fully optimized.

Any damaged models will be easily replaced by brand new empty ones and this will allow upwards scaling of system to be added on, increase in system stability.

Universal Cloud Favourites 

First in the world | Unique ID |  Commercial | Residential | Supports future Cloud Model

Cloud Favourites

Let your Customer save their own list. Sing accross all your outlets easily

Waiter Call

Waiter Call

Remote waiter call | Touch screen Waiter Call | iPad Waiter Call

Let your waiter/operator  be mobile.

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Operator Assist

Operator Song Select

Indonesia (Executive KTV) | Back end Operator assist in song selection

4 Easy Steps to bring the song to customer. Great for Birthday Suprises  & Dedications

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Timer Mode

Timer Mode

For Family KTV and KTV With singing hour slots

Simplistic Control

Activate Room Timing Mode

Settings => Function => Room Settings

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