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Hot air rises

Cool air gets sucks in

Sleek design

IR Window

Power Indicator

160 x 160 x 270mm

K Bubbles+

One System

Dual Software Dual Function

Commercial | Residential 

On/Off Button

Plus Rermote


HDMI V1.4 up to 1080p

TOS Optical Cable

RCA(Video) 480p

RCA (Audio)

RCA (Audio)

VGA (Touch Screen)

Signal Control (Touch screen)

Wifi Dongle

(Sold Separate)

USB Slots X 3

12V 3.5A Power 

Ethernet Port (Internet)


Back View

NEW interface

Our back-end infrastructure has enabled clients to enjoy file transfer at a maximum recorded rate of

10Megabyte per second

Plus Cloud

Search for your favourite song 


Media list 

updates monthly


All in one. Single page navigation. Simple


K Bubbles + 

Under Contruction

K Bubblus plus song credit

Cloud Media will appear in Grey

A small cloud icon beside Thumbnail. 

Select this will trigger a download

Song in Cloud

Media in Cloud

A Local media will appear in white.

Small Thumbnail of song is seen

Song in local

Media in Local

System auto informs you how many credits left

TV Shows you real time information

Thunderstone TV

Downloading: Always On My Mind  4.5Mb/s  54%

Cloud Fav

Universal Cloud Favourites 

First in the world | Unique ID |  Commercial | Residential | Supports future Cloud Model

John's House

KTV Outlet in Germany 

John's friend 

Jane's house in Australia 

Quick Search



Acronym | Spell Full | Singer |Song Title | Any Language 

Key in : John    => John Legend, John Lenon

Key in : JL => John Legend

Key in : MDR => Mada Dan Racun

Key in : Because => Because of you

Smart Remote

Smart Remote

The Buttons are ergonomically design to trigger the sense of touch. Minimise the need to look at the remote to press a button. 

To prevent mis-fire, Button needed to be triggered twice to enable call.

RM-01 Smart remote for K BUbbles cloud

Dual Function.

Up and Down Button

Key Up or down




Battery/ Firing indicator

Additional Functions 

13 Language

13 Language

Interchangable language of display. Suit your clients needs

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