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K Bubbles CLOUD

World's 1st Cloud System that updates through clouds

A Video Speaks 1000 words

Broadcom 40mm Nano Chip Dual Core 800Mhz inbuilt     1 GB DDR1333 Ram Fastest 3D enable chip on a setup Box

Hi-Def Video and sound card, Support up to Dual Digital high definition 720P, 1080i , 1080P

RCA, HDMI,Coxial,Optical


Net: 258 x 242 x 73.5 mm

Gross: 290 x 320 x120 mm

Gross: 2.1kg

Power: 12V, 4A

HDMI 1.4, 480p-1080p Resolutution

Coxial/Optical TOS Audio Connection

10/100 mbps Lan

3 X USB Slots

1 X VGA 

Thin Design. Blends seamlessly into your existing systems.

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