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Acoustic Panel Solutions

Muveespace . Home Theatre

Projector Lifting Systems & Screens

K.O.D Cloud Technology & Solutions

Sound Systems. DSPs. Power Sequencers

Branching out of Thunderstone KTV China in 2015, a synonymous karaoke software company with Redmi, as its co-investor, one of China’s mega smart phone manufacturer giants - with a 40 per cent market share, Thunderstone Technology (S) Pte Ltd has been zooming in on creating its own user interface to cater for the Southeast Asian market and greater. From a trading company specialized in Karaoke-On-Demand (K.O.D) Systems in 2010, with its flagship K.O.D being the K- Bubbles Cloud Plus, Thunderstone Technology Singapore has extended its K.O.D UI forte into developing its own in-house brands – Live & Vocal, TS and TSM – in the field of Pro Audio such as:

     – Amplifiers
     – Processors
     – Equipment Racks
     – Wireless Microphone Systems
     – Dual-mode Digital Sound Processors
     – Speakers for KTV/Movie, Clubs and various installs

And, an official distributor for:


     – Schutz Kraft: Power Sequencers
     – Thunderstone KTV: Karaoke Systems

     – Lyft: Screens & Projector Lifting Systems

     – HowEasy/OFF: Acoustic Panel Solutions/Sound Insulation Damping System 

Our Partners
Thunderstone Ktv

Thunderstone is a well known KTV Software brand in China, housed under the arm of XIAO MI. It has 40% market-share in China alone installing more than 100,000 rooms yearly. 

Live & Vocal
Schutz Kraft

Launched in 2016, with extensive R&D involved, Lyft redefines what projector lifting system is all about - extra stability, robust, sleek and slim, with projector and motorised screens. 

K Bubbles
hiweasy Acoustic Panels

A perfect match for both acoustics and aesthetics, HowEasy’s Plug-N-Play Acoustic Panel Systems would practically fit anywhere, anytime 

Sony 4K Projector. The first Native 4k Projector for the consumer level. Brilliant and natural images. We are proud to be the dealer for Sony projectors and a demo venue to experience SONY at its best.

JBL Synthesis. The benchmark of all cinemas. Even Dolby and THX built their reference theatres using Synthesis . 

Pioneer AVR, first few Japanese brands to carry Dolby Atmos and DTSx signal processing features. Enjoy the simplicity of the user interface and experience.

Unique shaped Coxial speakers. Made its mark through its distinctive sound landscapes.  

Bose is a powerhouse name in the speaker world. We have worked with Bose, generating a total unique experience few can only imagine.

French small-size loud speakers. Coaxial speaker fuses the tweeter within its woofer cone thereby reducing in size, yet still maintaining its SPL.

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